The Clinician Code is a Mastermind for Clinician Entrepreneurs, ready to amplify their expertise, establish their authority and create a scalable signature offering in their office and online.
It is designed for practitioners who are serious about
amplifying their impact in a bigger and
more strategic way.
Living the Dream
If you are anything like the coaching clients I work with, as a student and in the early days of practice, you dreamed of the impact you would have in the world. 
You were driven by the patients whose lives you would change and the rewarding buzz of a career steeped in meaning. 

While you still believe in this vision, somewhere along the way, the lure of clinical practice likely transitioned into an exploration related to your capacity to serve, scale and earn in an even bigger way.
There has never been a better time to be in practice. Chronic illness is skyrocketing and “wellness” has become a Trillion-dollar global industry. The challenge for most practitioners is not that people don’t want to be healthy, or that they are lacking for patients, it is usually that their approach lacks concrete systems, communicable processes and distinct phases of care.

Patients and clinicians are left guessing about when their care plan has reached fruition and there is little attention paid to the strategic benefit of developing a signature approach to ongoing support. 

Having audited thousands of health practices and through work with hundreds of practitioners in group programs and one-on-one, I have developed unique insight regarding the processes and practices that enable practitioners to transition from trading time for money, into a scalable model of impact.

Helping more people and impacting lives does not mean that you have to take things exclusively online, nor does it require that you build a large practice with the complications of space and many practitioners. There is a better, more simplistic model that leverages technology, a smaller clinical footprint and your specific expertise.

Impacting lives, increasing practitioner income and leveraging your time more effectively are part of my purpose and passion as a practitioner and entrepreneur. 
I believe that when people are well, they can change the world. I am an unapologetic advocate of practitioner success; your amplification is directly aligned to my mission of providing one million people with knowledge of and access to ‘upstream medicine’ by 2022.
The Clinician Code as an intimate mastermind, designed for clinician entrepreneurs with a burning desire for greater impact in exchange for more time and a higher earning potential. You must be willing to confront your limited beliefs, think outside the box and commitment to an expanded version of yourself. 

The participants will be hand-picked and the delivery of the program will be online and in-person.

Let's do this. Let's impact more lives together
With love and abundance,
Dr. Meghan Walker ND
Chief Cheerleader, Clinician Business Labs
Join Me As We Unlock The Clinician Code.
“The lack of financial and physical sustainability of practitioners is the single biggest threat to the leaders of the natural and functional medicine community. Our collective advancement depends on our ability to add strategic innovation to our delivery of care. Millions of lives will be impacted when we improve our style and systems for practice.”  

- Dr. Meghan Walker ND
A one-year accelerator designed to amplify your income & impact
The Transformation
The Clinician Code has been designed to transform you and how you practice. 
You will...
Develop further as an entrepreneur by…
  • Becoming aware of how you are spending your time and inherently the opportunity to leverage it further.
  •  Discover your unique abilities as a clinician and entrepreneur through the Kolbe Index and other inventories.
  •  Learn how to build and grow your team of associates and support personal.  
You will...
Develop further as an expert and authority by…
  •  Establishing mastery and define your area of clinical interest.
  • Identifying your ideal patient and consumer audience.
  •  Creating a product and offering that satisfies a specific need and solves a specific problem for your ideal audience.  
  •  Creating content that is aligned to your ideal patient community. 
  •  Adding vulnerability and value to every content piece you produce.  
  •  Identifying effective communication platforms to share your message (YouTube, podcast, webinars etc.…) 
You will...
Scale your current revenue streams by…
  •  Amplifying your unique capacity to scale and communicate as an authority in your field.
  •  Identifying the opportunities that exist for your niche or specialty and the steps you need to take to maintain ownership over that domain. 
  •  Creating your own unique methodology and approach.
  •  Developing clear and communicable phases to care that align with your unique methodology and approach. 
You will...
Expand your capacity for Impact by…
  •  Increasing the size of your mailing list and social media influence
  •   Developing online or hybrid online/in-office programs to drive ongoing consumer engagement 
  •  Leveraging partnerships within your community or broader stakeholder group to further amplify your message.  
You will...
Expand your Income by…
  • Automating your acquisition of new patients/clients so that you have a predictable flow of patients and income month to month.
  •  Leveraging other professionals to serve as implementors of your clinical strategy.
  •  Identifying new passive and recurring revenue streams that are aligned to the needs of your patients and signature program.

After 1 Year you should have…
  • A system for consistent lead generation and patient acquisition.
  •   A signature clinical and/or online program. 
  •   A plan for additional streams of passive revenue.
  •    A steady increase in your income 
  •     Less time being spent seeing patients - more time being spent servicing patient transformations.  
A unique Mastermind for credentialed clinicians
looking to impact and amplify outside the box. 
The Program is Delivered Online & In-person.
The Council
Supporting The Clinician Code Members is a council of marketing and industry leaders. The role of the Council is to provide strategic and experienced support to assist you in amplifying in unique and novel manners.
You will have direct access to the Council and their expertise on the LIVE webinar events.
Council members include practitioners and industry leaders who have built multi-seven figure businesses while impacting thousands of lives.

Their expertise includes:
  • Private Labelling
  •  Funnel Design 
  •  Marketing Automation 
  •  Practice Scaling, Automation and Operations 
  •  Community Building and Group Program Delivery 
  •  Instagram Mastery 
  •  Building Online Summits 
  •  List Creation 
Council presentations will take place once per month.
They will be presented live and recorded, because again, you are busy practitioners. 
Council Members
JJ Virgin
New York Times Best Selling Author & Founder of Mindshare 
Cassie Bjork
Best Selling author, Founder of and Personal Branding Expert
Dave Ruel
Time management and 
Productivity Expert
Dr. Mark Wade
Launch Summit genius & Founder of Online Summit Software
Dr. Isaac Jones
Founder of Expert Health Alliance & Strategic Advisor to Dr. Josh Axe
Lori Kennedy
Expert Builder of Signature and 
Online Programs
Razi Berry
Publisher & 
Founder of NDNR
Brandy Kinnear
Marketing Expert & Founder of Ideal Patients
JR Burgess
Operational & 
Scaling Expert
Uli Iserloh
Funnel Building 
Code Content
The Code content will be delivered via 3 webinars per month.
The first webinar will be delivered LIVE and recorded for those with busy lives (everyone). This will present the core concepts required to create your signature program and predictable patient programs.

The second webinar will be a LIVE (and recorded) coaching webinar where you can debrief on challenges, unique implementation strategies and technical challenges. There will be hot-seat coaching and individualized attention on these calls.

The final webinar will be a LIVE (and recorded) and will be presented by one of our council members. They will be teaching concepts aligned to The Code, but meant to amplify you success and impact as a practitioner.
2 LIVE in-Person Implementation Labs (Events)
We will meet twice per year for a 3-day, in-person, strategy and implementation weekend. These 3-day events are designed to take you and the Code content to the next level in your business.

One of the challenges with online programs, is that we buy them, but fail to make room for implementation. These live training weekends will not only provide you with new strategies, but they will additionally enable to you ‘mastermind’ with fellow Code members, to amplify the impact and success of the group. 
Strategy Calls
You will have access to a quarterly strategy call to review your progress and unique business goals. 

These quarterly calls are in addition to your personal on-boarding call. 
Private Facebook Group and Private Membership Site
All Code material will be available in a private membership portal. Recordings, including audio versions of the presentations will be available for download at your convenience.

The Private Facebook group will be where most of our ongoing conversations will take place. 
Bonus Material
Full access to The First 18 – our Foundational Online Business Program
1-Year Membership to 
Clinician Business Labs
This includes access to our monthly Tech Talks as well as our ongoing series of Functional Medicine Webinars
Podcast Guest on 
The Entrepology Podcast
All Code members will have the opportunity to craft their message and offering and be guest on The Entrepology Podcast. With nearly 100 episodes and over 75,000 unique downloads, this is an excellent platform upon which to refine your message and seed interest in your signature program. 
My name is Dr. Meghan Walker ND. I am a naturopathic doctor, serial entrepreneur, mother to 3 and passionate advocate of practitioners making a difference. 
I have always been excited about business. When I was growing up, my Dad used to give me business and personal development and entrepreneurial books to read. As I demonstrated an understanding of the material, he would increase my allowance accordingly. This process went on for over 10 years, with hundreds of books and concepts. At 17 I started my first business and at 23, I sold it to help pay for naturopathic college.
Despite this background, I learned first-hand how difficult it is to build a 1:1 practice in the health and wellness industry. It was well over 18 months before my business partner and I told home any significant salary from practice and we were working 7-days per week. 
This industry is unlike other elements of the healthcare space in that our services are rarely deemed necessary by consumers. Despite countless surveys that suggest that people would access an ND, chiro or psychotherapist if they could, most do not direct spending towards these services unless it is paid for by insurance or their health has deteriorated to a point of desperation. This model doesn’t service you as a practitioner, but perhaps even more importantly, it doesn’t service the people who need your perspective and training as purveyors of preventative health. 
As a clinician entrepreneur, I eventually learned how to turn the financial table on a large-scale practice and eventually went on to run and scale a micro practice in the heart of downtown Toronto. In transitioning from 2500 to 250 sq. feet, I increased my income by 10 times and reduced the hours I spent in practice by 60%.
The Clinician Code is the culmination of this experience and my role of as the CEO of a Digital Health start-up that digitally audited almost 3000 practices across North America. From this experience I believe that the systems and innovation that go into how we practice are as important as the skills and training that we bring to the table as practitioners.
Is this Mastermind right for you?
  • You are a practitioner (ND, DC, Physio, Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, etc.…) who has worked or is currently working with patients 1:1 and is looking to scale your expertise in a more impactful manner.

  •  You are open to crashing through your limiting beliefs.

  •  You are clear on your area of focus and expertise.

  •  You are already earning a consistent income from your practice.

  •  You are ready to invest in your business.

  •  You are tired of trading your time for money, but don’t see an immediate way out.

  •  You have a burning desire for impact and are 100% committed to investing in your brand and business.

  •  You see a bigger life for yourself and your family.
This Mastermind should go on your bucket list if….
  • You are just starting out in practice and don’t yet have a flow of patients.

  •  You are not ready to invest in yourself or your business.

  •  You are hoping that by purchasing a program you are guaranteed to succeed.

  •  You have a habit of blaming other people for your lack of progress.

  •  You are about to go through a serious life event and don’t feel like you will be able to dedicate your
    time to your business over the next 12 months.

  •  People would general describe you as miserable and unfriendly (you need a different program).
I’m ready. I want in.
The Clinician Code will accept a small 
number of clinician entrepreneurs, ready 
to take their practice to the next level. 
To determine if this opportunity is right for you, 
complete this application and set up your personal call with Meghan.
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