The Clinician Code is a Mastermind &  Community for Clinician Entrepreneurs, ready to amplify their expertise, establish their authority and create a scalable impact in their office and online.
Living The Your Dream
If you are here, you are one of the few who have made the bold and courageous decision to practice in an unconventional manner. You seek to address the root cause of illness and empower access to a whole new level of health for your patients. 
Why commit to delivering unconventional care in a 
conventional model of practice?
The root cause of burnout and fatigue for healthcare providers is the endless cycle of transactional visits and lifestyle sales. As practitioners, we believe we have something different to offer, but we borrow a model of practice that mirrors the energy we are seeking to flee. 
We believe that your model of business is part of the care itself. 
There has never been a better time to be in practice. Chronic illness is skyrocketing and “wellness” has become a Trillion-dollar global industry. While health is the ultimate goal, those most credentialed to deliver care in this space and the ones most tethered, emotionally and financially to their 1:1 work.  

Your model of care can provide the freedom of time, money and energy to enable you to live and impact others on your own terms. 
This is the Code we have cracked.

"The Clinician Code is not a dream for other people - it is a decision that is available to you. Today."

Having audited thousands of health practices and through work with hundreds of practitioners in group programs and one-on-one, I have developed unique insight regarding the processes and practices that enable practitioners to transition from trading time for money, into a scalable and healthy model of impact.

Building your practice does not have to feel hard. 

Building your practice does not have to be done the way you were taught in school. 

Building your practice can and should happen in alignment with your ideal life. 

How you build your practice and run your business can and should serve as a source of inspiration for your patients, your family and your community. 

This is not something that 'other kinds of people' can access, it is a choice, available to you today. 

This system of practice is called Impact Medicine and is the process and philosophy that informs the work within the The Clinician Code. 

Impact does not come from 'wanting,' it comes from a choice

The Clinician Code is designed for practitioners committed to building a smarter, healthier and more aligned version of practice. 

A community designed to amplify your income & impact
Within Code, you will...
Develop further as an entrepreneur by…
  • ​Building a mindset focused on growth and 'outside the box' thinking.
  • ​Establishing the systems that lead to growth AND ease.
  • ​Engaging in and becoming motivated by a community of fellow go-getters and impact seekers. 
  • ​Discovering your unique abilities as a clinician and entrepreneur through the Kolbe Index and other inventories.
Expand your Income by…
  • Automating your acquisition of new patients/clients so that you have a predictable flow of patients and income month to month.
  • ​Leveraging other professionals to serve as implementors of your clinical strategy.
  • ​Identifying new passive and recurring revenue streams that are aligned to the needs of your patients and signature program.
Expand your capacity for Impact by…
  • ​Increasing the size of your mailing list and social media influence
  • ​Developing online or hybrid online/in-office programs to drive ongoing consumer engagement 
  • ​Leveraging partnerships within your community or broader stakeholder group to further amplify your message.  
Scale your current revenue streams by…
  • ​Amplifying your unique capacity to scale and communicate as an authority in your field.
  •  Identifying the opportunities that exist for your niche or specialty and the steps you need to take to maintain ownership over that domain. 
  • ​Creating your own unique methodology and approach.
  •  Diversifying the opportunities for patient contact at multiple price points.
Develop further as an expert and authority by…
  • ​Establishing mastery and OWNING your area of clinical interest.
  • Identifying your ideal patient and consumer audience with an unprecedented level of precision.
  •  Creating a product and offering that satisfies a specific need and solves a specific problem for your ideal audience.  
  •  Creating content that is aligned to your ideal patient community. 
  • ​Adding vulnerability and value to every content piece you produce.  
  •  Identifying effective communication platforms to share your message (YouTube, podcast, webinars etc.…) 
“The lack of financial and physical sustainability of practitioners is the single biggest threat to the leaders of the natural and functional medicine community. Our collective advancement depends on our ability to add strategic innovation to our delivery of care. Millions of lives will be impacted when we improve our style and systems for practice.”  

- Dr. Meghan Walker ND

CODE is not a Program. Code is not a membership.

CODE IS A COMMITMENT towards a more balanced future.

The goal of the Clinician Code is to add new income streams that 
leverage your expertise, not your time. 

Depending on how much support you are looking for, 
there are THREE ways you can experience The Clinician Code. 


The Clinician Code

  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls Calls are hosted by Meghan and Code Coaches. Meghan Coaches at least 1x per month.
  • Weekend Intensives -  We host two, 3-day virtual intensives each year. The focus of the intensives is money, mindset and entrepreneurship.
  • Business Labs FULL DAY trainings - Code members have access to at least FOUR full day trainings each year.
  • 1:1 Vision and Strategy Session with Meghan - All Code members get to experience a strategy and visioning session with Meghan at the beginning of their Code membership
  • ​Code Content and Private Dashboard - All Code content and trainings are available on a customized Code Dashboard.
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Annual Code Adventure Trip - $500 credit towards the annual Code adventure retreat.
  • ​Financial Planning Tools and Money School Trainings
  • 3 Done for You Marketing Funnels ($10,000 Value)
  • Done for You Online Course Template ($4000 value)
  • ​Done for You Asana Templates ($2500 value)


The Clinician Code 
+ 1:1 Coaching

  • 1:1 Coaching - 8 coaching calls with an experienced Code Coach/Clinician.
  • Slack Access - Direct access to your coach and cohort of colleagues at a similar business level for support.
  • ​Retreat credit - $1000 credit towards the annual Code Adventure. 



The Clinician Code + 1:1 Coaching w/ TWO Coaching Calls with Meghan

  • Coaching with Meghan - 2 direct coaching session with Meghan to follow-up on your initial visioning and Strategy session. 6 additional coaching sessions are available with other coaches.
  • Monthly Tier 3 Group Calls with Meghan
  • Slack Access -  Direct group Slack access with Meghan
  • Retreat credit - $1800 credit towards the annual Code Adventure. 


one-time payment




      one-time payment



          TIER 3 PRICING

          one-time payment




              • ​1:1 Vision & Strategy Session with Meghan Walker at the beginning of your Code journey
              • ​Copy Review with Copywriter Sarah Cook
              • ​Annual Code Adventure Trip Credit
              "Joining CODE was the best business decision I have made since deciding to become an ND in the first place! Since joining, I have transformed my practice and expanded my offerings in ways that I didn't think would ever be possible. I have created a micro-practice that is a blend of in-person and virtual appointments, while also creating Group Treatment Programs and other additional income streams. 

              I truly believe none of this would have happened as fast and as simply as it did without the support of Meghan and the CODE community. My income over the past 2 years has nearly doubled (yes, during the pandemic)!"

              - Dr. Stephanie Bayliss, ND
              THE CONTENT
              The Code content will be delivered through live (virtual) and recorded resource delivery. This content can be consumed on your own time and will be routinely referenced in your private and group coaching calls. 

              Content aligns with 4 key areas of focus: Care Strategies, Operational Mastery, Dynamic Thinking & Educational and Soul-Based Marketing. Whether you are looking to build a group program, hire a powerhouse team, diversify your income, optimize your operations, get on stage or create an online course - we've got you covered. 
              THE COACHING
              When we first embark in business, we are looking for more “programs”. We have just emerged from an educational paradigm that aligned the acquisition of knowledge with the accumulation of academic success. Business does not work the same way.

              While there is much to learn when it comes to running and building a successful business, the focus is less on leading with material and more about leading with vision. If you can’t imagine where you are going, you can’t build a plan to get there.

              Our team focusses on delivering strategy, technical support, accountability and mindset orientation in the direction of your dreams. New code members who join us in Tier 2 OR 3 are connected with a coach that is best suited to support their vision for impact.

              MEET YOUR COACHES
              Melanie Sutherland
              Group Programs / Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner / Physiotherapist / Mother / 20+ years of industry experience and leadership / visionary
              Dr. Erin Wiley, ND
              Online Programs / Operational Mastery/ Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner / Mother / 10+ years of industry experience and leadership
              Dr. Meghan Walker, ND (inac)
              Founder & Chief Cheerleader of Clinician Business Labs / Recovering Naturopathic Doctor / Strategist / Visionary 
              Dr. Leigha 
              Saunders, ND
              Online Programs / Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner / Mother / 10+ years of industry experience and leadership
              Dr. Sarah 
              Vadeboncoeur, ND
              Group Programs / Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner / 'Finding your Voice' Expert Coach/Mother / 10+ years of industry experience and leadership
              Dr. Alison Danby, ND

              Podcaster / Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner / 10+ years of industry experience and leadership / Expert Speaker
              Code Council
              JJ Virgin
              New York Times Best Selling Author & Founder of Mindshare 
              April Stroink
              Money Coach & Financial  Expert
              Sarah Cooke
              Health Copywriter & 
              Storybrand Certified Guide
              Regulatory Affairs Council
              Sara Harbottle
              Lawyer and Naturopathic Doctor
              Dr. Sylvi Martin ND
              Strategic Advisor on 
              Regulatory Matters 
              Stephanie Berg
              Legal Services for Integrative Healthcare Practitioners

              Onboarding Vision Session

              You'll get access to a group vision workshop PLUS a 1:1 session with Meghan to solidify your goals and outline your unique steps for success.

              Personal Touch 1:1 Coaching (Tiers 2 & 3)

              1:1 Coaching calls
              (Tier 3 members receive 2 additional calls with Meghan Walker)

              Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

              Every two weeks, you will have access to group coaching calls specific to your stage. 

              Done-4-You Assets 

              Unlock access to relevant done-4-you assets such as the 3 Fundamental Marketing Funnels for launching a lead magnet, webinar & 5 day challenge PLUS email copy and workbook templates and more!

               Accountability Pod 

              You'll have the option to join/create an accountability pod with 4 other members of Code to keep you accountable to your goals and ensure momentum.

              Project Management Templates

              Dynamic Asana workflows to help you stay on track with projects. Consider these your go-to task checklists- but amplified. 

              Intensive Weekends *NEW Format

              Intensives combine Stage specific content with Mindset speakers, Money School teachings and relevant trainings.

              Eligible for Code Adventure Trip

              As a Code member you will have the opportunity to join us for our annual adventure trip. Previous destinations have included Costa Rica and Sedona.  


              BUSINESS LABS are special interest training days where we go DEEP on a specific topic or project with the aim of getting it done ALL IN 1 DAY. 

              We know how busy you are. Business Labs are designed to get a month's worth of work done in a single day. It's not about learning new content - it is about getting things out the door and into the hands of people who need it the most. VIP days will usually be virtual.

              Some of the topics include: 
              • Brand Overhaul
              • ​Launch Strategy & Set-Up
              • ​High Ticket Offers
              • ​​Bookkeeping and Financial Operations Set-Up
              • ​​Asana and Project Management Overhaul and Set-up
              • ​Podcast Launch
              • ​Social Strategy & Planning Set Up
              • ​Course Creation Workshop
              • ​And More...


              As part of your Code membership, you get access to 3 Done-For-You Marketing funnels. We've got you covered with everything you need to launch your lead magnet, host your expert webinar & run a 5 Day Challenge. 

              These funnels include drag and drop content for:
              • Landing page templates
              • ​Customizable Email Copy
              • Automated email sequences

              Value: $10,000


              As part of your Code membership, we will send you a copy of our Entrepology Planner to ensure your goals are in writing, your ideas & KPIs are being captured 
              and your strategy for execution are mapped out. 

              Value: $99

              "Code is without a doubt the best investment I have made in my business and in the longevity of my career as a professional. Within one year, I filled my practice to 100% capacity with my ideal patients, had a waitlist for the first time ever, increased my gross profit by 35% and began creating additional streams of income. 

              What I didn't expect was that everything I have learned in Code has also allowed me to create a practice that is 100% burnout-proof, and has elevated my work-life satisfaction to a 10 out of 10. I am happier, have more energy and more free time, and feel extremely aligned with my purpose, now that my business strategy is a well-oiled machine."

              - Dr. Kathleen Mahannah, ND
              Is this Mastermind right for you?
              • You are a practitioner (ND, DC, MD, DO, Physio, Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, etc.…) who has worked or is currently working with patients 1:1 and is looking to scale your expertise in a more impactful manner.
              • You are open to crashing through your limiting beliefs.
              • ​You want new streams of income beyond or in addition to 1:1 care.
              •  You are clear on your area of clinical focus and expertise (a.k.a- your arena of authority).
              •  You are already earning a consistent income from your practice.
              •  You are ready to invest in your business.
              •  You are tired of trading your time for money, but don’t see an immediate way out.
              •  You have a burning desire for impact and are 100% committed to investing in your brand and business.
              •  You see a bigger life for yourself and your family.
              This Mastermind should go on your bucket list if….
              • You are not ready to invest in yourself or your business.
              • You are hoping that by purchasing a program you are guaranteed to succeed.
              • You have a habit of blaming other people for your lack of progress.
              • You are about to go through a serious life event and don’t feel like you will be able to dedicate your
                time to your business over the next 12 months.
              • People would general describe you as miserable and unfriendly (you need a different program).
              I’m ready. I want in.
              (One time and monthly payment options available)
              TRUSTED BY

              Need more info? 
              No problem, here’s our FAQ

               I hardly have enough time as it is. Do you have a strategy to fit this into an already overburdened schedule?

              We know, you're busy. Our goal is to get you out of doing 'busy work' and back into your zones of genius. We provide trainings on how to manage time/structure pricing to make this realistic for those with jam packed schedules. We recommend settings aside 4-6 hours per week to attend the weekly group coaching calls, work through the content and implement the takeaways. This will vary depending on where you are at in your business but that is the average weekly time commitment. 

               Do I need to have completed the other programs offered (CEO, TF18 etc)?

              No. BUT... it is important that you the foundations of your business in place, have a steady stream of patients/income and have the capacity to invest in your business and take action on advanced maneuvers. Access to all our programs are included while you are in the Clinician Code and your coach will provide a roadmap for which content to work through first. 

               What if I change my mind? What is your refund policy?

              You will also have the option to withdraw within the first 7 days after registration. The Clinician Code is a 12 month (at a time) commitment to impact - we invest heavily in your success as a member and therefore cannot provide refunds after the first 7 days. If for any reason, your application is denied, we will refund you in full.

               How is The Clinician Code delivered?

              Carrier Pigeon. Just kidding – it is delivered through a private membership site where the material is presented in the form of training videos, worksheets and execution plans. The live coaching and intensives take place online and in-person when possible. 

               I still have questions- can I speak to someone?

              Of course. Our team is super helpful. Hit us up at

               How do I secure my spot?

              Register using the link below. Once registered,  you'll be sent a link to complete your intake form and book you onboarding call to kick things off. 
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